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Dental Cleaning & Exams
in Newport Beach, CA

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Strong, Healthy Teeth for Life

Dental Cleaning and Exams at Eden Smile Design

Routine dental care is the cornerstone of strong, healthy teeth. Whether you’ve never missed a dental cleaning appointment or it’s been a while since your last dentist’s appointment, we’re here to keep your smile going strong. Our high-tech touches include Guided Biofilm Therapy and Laser Bacteria Reduction, facilitating a deeper level of cleaning that is easier and more comfortable than older methods. Our compassionate team at Eden Smile Design in Newport Beach prioritizes your comfort and peace of mind at every visit, so when you’re done, we’ll see your healthiest smile. 

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Get a Deeper Clean

Our Innovative Dental Cleaning Methods

Attending regular dental cleanings and exams gives you an edge over the most common dental problems. Keeping bacteria and plaque in check sets the stage for pristine tooth and gum health. The goal of regular dental exams is to detect issues in the teeth, roots, and gums early on. Cleanings remove bacteria and plaque that even the most regular flossing and brushing can’t reach. We incorporate advanced diagnostic and cleaning methods to provide unparalleled results while facilitating a comfortable treatment experience. These include laser bacteria reduction and guided biofilm therapy (GBT). As the only Newport Beach dental practice certified in GBT, we are proud to offer our patients the most effective, research-based care available.

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Guided Biofilm Therapy

Dental plaque is composed of what is known medically as a “biofilm.” This community of microorganisms builds up on the surfaces of the teeth, forming a sticky extracellular matrix that makes it hard to break down with regular brushing and flossing. Guided Biofilm Therapy is an innovative method of plaque detection and removal. It begins with the application of a special dye that highlights plaque layers to facilitate targeted and complete removal.

Then, the patented Airflow® instrument is used to remove the plaque from the tooth surfaces, followed by the Perioflow® instrument to break up plaque in deep tooth and gum pockets. GBT provides our patients with the most thorough and comfortable method of plaque removal available today. 

Newport Beach Dental Cleaning & Exams Model Smiling
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Laser Bacteria Reduction

As in many areas of healthcare, lasers have innovated our ability to treat dental diseases with minimal invasiveness to the surrounding tissues. As part of your routine dental cleanings, a gentle laser is directed at the teeth and periodontal cavities to break down bacteria without disrupting the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. This gentle, highly effective technology takes your oral hygiene to the next level, supporting resilient dental health. 

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The Confidence of a Healthy Smile

What are the benefits of regular Dental Cleanings and Exams?

Making a habit of regular dental cleanings is an investment that has invaluable benefits for your oral health, self-confidence, and overall quality of life. Key benefits of regular dental cleanings include:

Maintains Gum Health: Our high-tech cleaning process regularly removes plaque and tartar buildup, substantially reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth loss. Early detection of issues allows for prompt intervention, preventing progression to more severe conditions like periodontitis.

Prevents Cavities: Removing plaque helps to prevent decay and the need for more extensive dental work like root canals or bridges to remedy tooth loss. 

Establishes Healthy Habits: In addition to receiving advice on oral hygiene practices tailored to your specific needs, attending regular dental visits helps you feel more confident and invested in your oral health. 

A Whiter Smile: Removing plaque and stains caused by various foods and beverages keeps your smile looking healthy and reduces bad breath caused by bacteria.  

Prevention of Tooth Loss: By addressing issues early on, such as gum disease and decay, regular dental visits prevent tooth loss. 

Enhanced Overall Health: There is a growing body of evidence linking oral health to overall health. Regular dental checkups may contribute to the prevention of systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Cost Savings: Early detection and preventive care can help you avoid more extensive and costly dental treatments in the future. Regular dental visits can be a cost-effective way to maintain oral health.

Our dentists place a strong emphasis on your comfort and safety. Our goal is to build lasting relationships that improve our patients’ quality of life. We have the expertise and compassion to help you meet all of your Newport Beach dental needs. 

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Ease & Peace of Mind

Your Dental Cleaning & Exam Appointment

For most people, dental exams and cleanings are performed twice a year. If issues like gum disease are present, individuals may need to make more frequent appointments to receive therapies that restore oral health. On the day of your cleaning and exam appointment, we will ask you about any problems or concerns you have about your teeth. X-rays are taken on a regular basis to provide a comprehensive view of your teeth and detect any hidden decay in the hard tissues.

A professional dental cleaning is then performed, incorporating Guided Biofilm Therapy and Laser Bacteria Reduction to precisely detect and remove plaque and tartar buildup, especially in areas that may be hard to reach with regular brushing and flossing. Your dentist will then examine your mouth, teeth, and gums, checking for indications of decay, gum disease, or other oral health issues. This includes measuring the gum pockets and screening for oral cancer. These comprehensive steps catch potential problems early on, allowing us to tailor your treatment around your unique needs. 

Newport Beach Dental Cleaning & Exams Model Smiling
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Let’s See Your Smile!

Schedule Your Dental Cleaning and Exam

Are you ready to take the first step toward optimal oral health? Whether you are looking for a new dentist in Newport Beach, or you need to re-establish regular dental appointments, we are here to help. Led by award-winning dentist L. James Chau DDS, AEGD, our entire team shares a passion for advancing the standards of dental care, providing a comfortable patient experience, and improving your quality of life. Call our friendly office team or complete our online form to schedule your exams and dental cleaning in Newport Beach at Eden Smile Design today. 

Dental Cleaning & Exams

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people should have a dental exam and cleaning twice a year. However, some people may need more frequent visits depending on individual oral health needs. Our team will assess your specific situation and may suggest more frequent visits if you have certain dental issues or a history of oral health problems.

Most dental insurance plans provide coverage for preventative dental cleanings and exams. However, the extent of coverage can vary, so you should verify your specific benefits with your provider. 

Yes, X-rays are typically performed once per year to detect issues such as cavities between the teeth, impacted teeth, and jawbone issues. For some individuals, we recommend X-rays more often to monitor any ongoing or emerging issues.